Hi there
The first bit of news I have is that I have changed my website from .com to .ie. Of course, if you are reading this I guess you already knew that! If you could link and share this post I’d really appreciate it to bring the new website name to the everyone’s attention. Thank you.

I had a visitor from Brittany recently who had a bodhran with him (as well as his favorite Ben March Bodhran) made in Ireland but with a skin sourced in Greece. As I had already planned a trip with my partner Bryonie to Athens I determined to research Greek skins while I was there but realised that would probable prove very difficult to do in a short trip. Imagine my delight then, when on day one we were exploring a ‘one-off’ craft fair and jazz festival in our neighborhood when we came across a stall selling traditional Greek hand drums make by renowned percussion instrument maker Kleo Xirou. To cut a long story short she agreed to supply me with her beautiful hand prepared drum skins, so watch this space!


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