Bodhrán Specs


o help you choose the specifications for your desired Bodhran , to suit you physically and your style of playing .
Each drum is handmade and is unique in many ways even beyond the choices that you make , like the variation in the grain of the wood and most importantly the skin which will be as individual as the goat which bore it in life !


 The Bodhrán

  • Constructed from the best quality Scandinavian birch plywood.
  • The drums at present come in 3 diameters : 16″/40.6cm, 15″/38.1cm, 14″/35.5cm
  • 2 depths : 5″/12.7cm, 6″/15.2cm
  • 2 goatskin types : Lambeg or Vellum
  • Standard colours are Natural birch, Walnut stained birch or Black stained birch
  • The frames and trim can be any colour or combination of colours you wish.
  • All drums are fitted with a set of eight Forkner/Barlett hand-tunable tuners.

All my Bodhrans are currently € 350 or £ 300 regardless of size as, as much work and practically as much materials go into the smaller ones as into the larger ones .
Postage and packing varies depending on where in the world I am sending the drums but is usually ,currently between € 25 and € 50 including insurance etc’.

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