Greek Drums / + How does the tuning system work ?

The use of a natural goatskin defines the Bodhran , whether it be the traditional or the modern version of the drum . Natural goatskins are very fickle and react to vagaries of climate like heat and humidity but also to it’s surroundings ,for example the combined body heat of a crowded bar or a draught by an open window , for these reasons it is essential that your Bodhran be fully tuneable , preferably by hand . You should also slacken off your Bodhran skin when not playing it to protect it from sudden changes of temperature and to prolong it’s life . The tuning system I use was developed originally by the great Bodhran makers Rob Forkner and Darius Bartlett . All my drums have eight tuners which are turned by hand to tighten a free moving tuning ring which pushes against the inside edge of the skin allowing you to tighten or loosen it according to your requirements .